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A minority medical condition 50 years ago, the prevalence of obesity is now such that it is regarded as a major public health issue and listed as a priority by senior government ministers.Read More


The Office of Communications (Ofcom) is the independent regulatory body overseeing the 'communications industry', including the distinct areas of telecommunications and broadcasting. Read More


Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills. Read More

Open University

The Open University is the UK's largest university, and differs from other higher education institutions in that its courses are designed to be studied primarily by distance learning - that is, by people studying from their homes or workplaces, in their own time.Read More

Organic Farming

"Organic farming" is the name given to a variety of agricultural production systems that aim to work "with nature" rather than by conquering it. Read More


Organophosphates (OPs) are a group of synthetic chemical compounds, composed of variable mixtures of phosphorus, carbon, and hydrogen.Read More