issue brief

Gay Marriage

'Gay marriage' is a term used for marriage between two people of the same sex.Read More


What are GCSEs? GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. GCSE examinations are taken by most pupils at the end of compulsory school education (year 11)in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. GCSE provides a uniform framework for assessment, with all candidates in all subjects graded from A* to G (with U being the result...Read More


Gibraltar is a small British Dependent Territory, connected to southern Spain by a narrow strip of land, which has been regarded as important throughout history because of its crucial strategic position as one of the 'Pillars of Hercules' that stands at the Mediterranean's opening into the Atlantic.Read More

GM crop trials

Genetically modified crops are plants in which genes are altered in the laboratory to make them perform in a very specific way, such as not being harmed by certain herbicides.Read More

Grammar Schools

What are grammar schools? Grammar schools are state secondary schools, which select their pupils by means of an examination taken by children at age 11, known as the "11 Plus". Pupils who pass the exam go to the local grammar school, while pupils who do not go to the local "secondary modern school". Most parts...Read More

Green Belt

What is the Green Belt? A Green Belt is an area of land protected from development. Green Belt land surrounds cities and towns to inhibit ‘urban sprawl’, prevent neighbouring towns merging into one another, preserve the countryside and the setting and character of historic towns, and assist in urban regeneration by promoting ‘brownfield’ development (development...Read More

Gulf War Syndrome

'Gulf War Syndrome' is the phrase coined by the media to describe the unattributable illnesses showing in veterans of the Persian Gulf War against Iraq in 1990.Read More

Gun Crime

Unlike in America, there is little debate between pro-gun control and pro-gun ownership lobbies in the UK. There is general public consensus against ownership of handguns, which is enforced under strict legislation. Guns for sport are more readily accepted, but are controlled by a strict licensing regime.Read More