Scottish parliament

The Scottish parliament was created under the Scotland Act 1998, and the powers were formally transferred from London to Edinburgh on July 1st 1999. The 129 MSPs have the authority to initiate and pass primary legislation and vary the basic rate of income tax by up to three pence in the pound from the UK-wide...Read More

Secondary Legislation (Commons)

Secondary legislation makes changes to the law under powers in an Act of Parliament. During the passage of a Bill, Parliament agrees to any such powers to make future changes to the law. Secondary legislation cannot normally amend primary legislation. It tends to 'flesh out' Acts with more detail and it is more easily revised,...Read More

Standing Committees

The Committee Stage of a Bill normally takes place in a Standing Committee. A new Standing Committee is set up for each Bill, although there are normally no more than eight at one time. Even though the membership is different each time a Standing Committee is set up, they are always given the names Standing...Read More

Second Reading (Commons)

A debate on the Second Reading of a Bill is a debate on its general principles (on the motion 'that the Bill be now read a Second time). It is normally at least two weeks after introduction. The MP in charge of the Bill opens the debate by outlining the Bill's provision and making the...Read More