Action Programmes (Europe)

Upon appointment, the EU Commission issues a five-year action programme, stating broadly the actions and legislation it intends to pursue. A more specific version of this is issued each year. In addition, action programmes for particular policy areas are issued that do not necessarily coincide with the Commission's term of office. This action programme is...Read More

Adjournment Debates

A debate on a motion for the adjournment of the House (an adjournment debate) allows for an issue to debated without a debate. It is best to think of motions to adjourn as technical devices to allow for debate without a vote rather than as a move to end proceedings. Broadly, an adjournment debate can...Read More

All-Party Groups

Numerous all-party groups (APGs) are set up in Parliament, each having its own terms of reference. They allow for MPs to promote the interests of certain subjects or countries (eg motorcycling or the USA) and have ad hoc cross-party membership. APGs are registered and regulated by House authorities.Read More

Alliance party

The Alliance party describes itself as a non-sectarian party which advocates co-operation between nationalist and unionist communities and is aligned with the Liberal Democrats. The Alliance party has been involved in Northern Irish politics since the early 1970s but it has never really been able to shrug off its small party status. Its most well-known...Read More

Assembly (Wales)

The Assembly is a bilingual body. It operates in English and Welsh and is overseen by a Presiding Officer – the chair – who is elected at the first plenary meeting after an election. An official record of proceedings in plenary sessions is maintained in both languages. It is normally published 24 hours after the...Read More