Academies cut spending on teachers but pay out millions to consultants

Commenting on the DfE’s data on income and expenditure on academies in England, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT-The Teachers’ Union, said:

“The DfE’s report raises deep concerns about how public funds are being spent in academies.

“The School Teachers’ Review Body reported earlier this month the falling levels of spending on teachers in academies. The DfE now has confirmed that spending on teachers amounts to only 50.1% (or just over half) of the total of academies’ expenditure.

“Teaching assistants who provide vital in-class support account for only 11.8% of academies’ total spending; only slightly more than academies are spending on administrative costs-11.5% (£2.1 billion).

“Spending on educational consultants  is a scandalously high at £172 million plus.

“That expenditure on consultants and administration is prioritised over teachers and other staff demonstrates that the freedoms and flexibilities these schools enjoy are being abused. Failing to prioritise expenditure on teachers puts at risk the education of children and young people. Parents, the public and politicians should be concerned by these figures.”


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