NASUWT comments on TUC LGBT + workers survey

Commenting on the TUC’s LGBT+ workers survey, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT-The Teachers’ Union, said:

“The findings of this survey are deeply disturbing, but sadly not surprising.

“No one should be suffering discrimination, harassment and violence in the workplace.

“The NASUWT’s own research of LGBTI teachers shows that they say homophobic and transphobic ‘banter’ is commonplace in their workplaces and that a majority of teachers do not feel their workplace is a safe environment for LGBTI teachers.

“Overt and covert discrimination remains all too frequent and many teachers do not feel able to be out in their school or college.

“It is clear that too many employers are failing in their duty to tackle harassment, bullying and prejudice against LGBT+ workers and it’s about time they took seriously their duty of care for their employees.

“The NASUWT will continue to stand up for teachers who are facing unacceptable treatment in the workplace to secure workplaces where LGBTI staff feel valued, respected and safe.”


Notes to editors
Six in 10 (61%) teachers at the NASUWT’s LGBTI Teachers’ Consultation Conference, held in February 2017, said homophobic and/or transphobic ‘banter’ is endemic in the workplace.

More than half did not feel their workplace was a safe environment for LGBTI staff.

Less than one-quarter (24%) said their LBGTI status is ‘known’ in their workplace and 17% said they have experienced unfair treatment at work over the last 12 months because of their LGBTI status.