BASC working with Thames Valley Police to reduce licensing delays

BASC’s specialist firearms team has been asked by Thames Valley Police to work with them to reduce delays in the licensing process.

BASC recently met with Thames Valley as part of a strategic liaison group to discuss licensing delays of up to 12 months. The force has a performance target of processing applications within 60 working days by the end of July this year.

Assistant Chief Constable Jason Hogg explained the force has recently taken steps to improve performance – including the provision of more staff and a change in working practices.

ACC Hogg has also introduced a risk-assessed renewal system which means a certificate will be issued once the police are satisfied there are no relevant medical issues and after background checks have been completed. This should mean the force no longer issues temporary permits, which will reduce workload and subsequent delays.

BASC has been asked by the force to provide guidance on flattening demand over the five-year certificate cycle and the association’s advice has been sought on improving communication with new applicants and current certificate holders.

BASC firearms officer Paul Dale said: “Thames Valley Police has been one of the worst performing forces over the past 12 months, but it is encouraging to see them taking positive action to address the problem and provide the standard of service shooters deserve and pay for.

“BASC will continue to offer support and guidance to ACC Hogg and his staff and look forward to his very clear targets being met at the end of July.”


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