NOAH response to final O’Neill AMR review report

NOAH has published its comprehensive response to the O’Neill Review, “Tackling Drug Resistant Infections Globally: Final report and recommendations” released in May 2016.

“We welcome many of the proposals in the O’Neill review and applaud his team in producing a comprehensive global report on a very complex subject,” says NOAH chief executive Dawn Howard.

“NOAH and its members are committed to limiting the development of antibiotic resistance, by promoting responsible use and stewardship of antibiotics to preserve them for future generations. However, we believe a number of proposals in the O’Neill Review specific to the veterinary sector lack context and evidence, and our response seeks to address these,” she adds.

Whilst steps can be taken to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use in livestock, they will always remain an important tool in maintaining animal health and welfare.

“The animal medicines sector should also be considered when implementing the recommendations for innovation for new antibiotics, alternatives to antibiotics and better diagnostics,” she says.

“Veterinary medicines including antibiotics play an important role in the production of an affordable, sustainable food supply. Inappropriate targets for reduction in use, or the removal of antibiotics that vets and farmers need to treat diseases, could adversely impact on the price of food from animals.

“As long as we rely on animals as a source of food production, we have an obligation to care for their health and well-being and this must include providing proper treatment and care when they are ill,” Dawn Howard says.


Notes for Editors
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The National Office of Animal Health represents the UK animal medicines industry. Its aim is to promote the benefits of safe, effective, quality medicines for the health and welfare of all animals.

Tackling drug resistant infections globally: final response and recommendations’ the final report of the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance chaired by Lord Jim O’Neill is available at:

NOAH has previously commented on the Antibiotics in Agriculture section of the Report, including a joint critique with IFAH-Europe and HealthforAnimals who respectively represent the European and global animal health industries. This critique is available at