BASC statement on the UK leaving the EU

BASC’s role is to ensure that shooting and conservation flourish whatever the political or economic circumstances.

The vote to leave the EU will mean changes both for the political environment in which we operate and the regulatory systems that govern shooting and the countryside.

BASC, the UK's largest shooting organisation, will be working to ensure that those who form the government continue to be well informed and supportive of shooting. 

The process of leaving the EU will mean a significant job of work reviewing many of the systems of regulation that affect shooting, for example the hygiene regulations for game meat and those laws that derive from the Birds, Habitats and Firearms European Directives. BASC, as a key stakeholder, looks forward to working with the government to ensure that new systems of regulation are proportionate, accountable, consistent, transparent and targeted and of benefit to shooting and conservation.

BASC’s membership of FACE, the federation of European shooting and hunting associations, will continue and BASC will continue to have a voice in European policy discussions which may affect shooting and conservation in the UK.

Peter Glenser, Chairman of BASC, said: “BASC will ensure that the hard work to be done to ensure that the legal framework in which we operate is fit for purpose and benefits shooting and the countryside”.

Commenting on David Cameron’s announcement that he will be standing down as Prime Minister before October Mr. Glenser said:

“David Cameron has been a good friend of shooting and the countryside. As Prime Minister he has intervened on several occasions to ensure that his government acted to benefit shooting sports. We look forward to working with his successor to ensure that shooting continues to deliver massive economic, environmental and social benefits to the UK.”