Charity Commission responds to complaint about League Against Cruel Sports

The Charity Commission has confirmed it will seek a response from the League Against Cruel Sports to BASC’s complaint about its latest extremist video.

The UK’s largest shooting organisation wrote to the Commission to accuse the League (LACS) of abusing its charity status by breaching campaign guidance rules with the anti-snaring film.

The video depicted a jogger being killed by a snare, comparing his suffering to that of snared animals, with no reference to the fact modern snares are designed to restrain not kill.

The Commission has now instructed its Permissions and Compliance Team to consider the issues raised by BASC.

In a letter to the association, a Charity Commission caseworker said: “Having considered the points raised, and taken further advice, we have decided to contact the charity regarding this matter. We believe the concerns you have raised need to be brought to the attention of the charity.

“Our job as regulator is to ensure that charities are accountable, well run and meet their legal obligations.”

Tim Russell, BASC’s director of conservation, said: “LACS deliberately misrepresented the reality of snaring to suit their extremist agenda. It was a conscious attempt to mislead the public. It was scaremongering and propaganda.

“It is wholly appropriate that the Charity Commission should use its legal powers to bring into line the League Against Cruel Sports.”

For more inforamtion, please contact BASC's press office on 01244 573007 or email