BASC lobby finds majority of PCCs support shooting

BASC has announced that a majority of Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) support shooting that complies with the law and current codes of practice and are committed to ensuring an efficient system of firearms licensing.

BASC launched a campaign website prior to the PCC elections which allowed members and others to lobby their candidates by email. Replies were sent back to BASC for evaluation.

This showed that 25 out of 40 PCCs elected support shooting and an efficient licensing system. None of the PCC’s elected were classified as “neutral” or “anti”. Among those elected were six PCC’s who shoot.

Paul Dale, BASC firearms officer, said: “The results of the election are very encouraging. BASC will now start the job of lobbying those PCC’s whose position on shooting isn’t known, and meeting those PPC’s responsible for constabularies where there are issues with firearms licensing.

“BASC works with licensing authorities to help them improve their systems. The BASC firearms team, the only one in the UK, advises and represents members who have problems securing certificates or dealing with their licensing authority. This work is enormously valued by members.”

For further information, please contact BASC's press office on 01244 573007 or email