CIHT toolkit targets transport sector skills

More must be done by the highways and transportation sector to promote itself as an exciting place to forge a career, guests at a launch event for CIHT’s new Careers Toolkit heard on Monday evening. 

“We know that attracting people into transport infrastructure professions is challenging, despite the fantastic range of jobs that are available within the sector,” said CIHT Chief Executive Sue Percy, speaking at the event at the House of Lords.

“We are in competition for skills with other professions that sell themselves, quite frankly, better than we do, so we must do more to make this a career of choice,” she added.

This is the aim of the Institution’s new Careers Toolkit – an interactive set of materials designed to highlight and showcase the exciting options that make up a career in transport.

The toolkit is intended for use in primary and secondary schools as well as colleges and universities. CIHT is encouraging its members to become sector ambassadors through initiatives like STEMNET (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network), and to take the materials into schools to help promote the profession.

“It’s no good just having the material and leaving it on the shelf,” said CIHT Careers Material Group chair Deborah Sims. “We need members to take the toolkit, go into schools and actually use it to inspire young people.”

In attendance to launch the materials with CIHT was Transport Minister Lord Ahmad. He said: “Careers in transport have a breadth and range like no other and hopefully this toolkit will help to highlight this and help create more diversity within the transport sector.”

The CIHT Careers Material has been funded by a grant from the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund and more information is available here or email: