Diversity and inclusion animation launches

CIHT has set out the benefits of employing a more diverse workforce in a new animated video launched at last week’s National Conference.

The animation supports the Institution’s 56 page ‘Routes to Diversity & Inclusion’ toolkit and was shown to the audience after Transport Minister Andrew Jones gave a keynote address.

Routes to Diversity & Inclusion offers practical guidance, case studies and links to reliable sources of expert advice to help companies recruit, retain and develop a more diverse workforce. CIHT says this could improve business performance and increase capacity within the industry.

CIHT President Sue Sharland said: “The business case for diversity and inclusion has been highlighted a number of times in the media recently, however implementing the changes necessary to take advantage of these business benefits does not appear to be a priority for some employers.

“Often, this is simply a case of not being sure where to start and that is where the CIHT Routes to Diversity & Inclusion toolkit can help.”

Dr Sharland added: “CIHT believes there needs to be a step change in the way that the industry engages with issues around diversity and inclusion as part of a long term skills strategy. We believe that this toolkit will help to inspire that step change.”

To view the animation click here.