ABI Biennial Conference 2015

Date: 3rd November 2015
Time: 9.00 – 17.00
Location: 155 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3YD

The 2015 ABI Biennial Conference – Agenda 2020 – will be the largest and most significant gathering of insurers & stakeholders following the 2015 General Election. In partnership with KPMG, this event will bring together industry leaders, leading politicians and regulators to debate the major issues affecting the industry.

Plenary panel sessions:
1. A new landscape for insurers – what do the next five years look like?
2. The changing insurance market – how do insurers respond to changes in society, technology and consumer behaviour?

Morning breakouts sessions:

Breakout A: Prudential Regulation – SII and the growing global agenda
Breakout B: Motor and liability – supporting claimants and reducing costs
Breakout C: The pensions revolution – what's next?

Afternoon breakout sessions:

Breakout D: Conduct Regulation – what have we learnt and what is next?
Breakout E: Crunch time on climate change
Breakout F: Protection and health – the solution to the UK's welfare challenge?