RSPCA hopes EU vote will spell the beginning of the end for bullfighting

The RSPCA has welcomed news that the European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly to end financial support for raising bulls for bullfights today. (Wednesday)

A vote in the European Parliament found that 438 out of 687 MEPs were in favour of an amendment that would stop millions of euros in EU agricultural subsidies from being used to raise bulls for bullfights.

Now the animal charity hopes this will spell the beginning of the end for EU subsidies being given to the French and Spanish bullfighting industry and will be an important step forward to end this cruel and barbaric “sport”.

RSPCA assistant director for public affairs David Bowles said: “The RSPCA is strongly opposed to bullfighting. It is an inhumane and outdated practice that continues to lose support, including from those living in the countries where this takes place such as Spain, Portugal and France.

“Each year tens of thousands of bulls endure high levels of stress and then a painful death, all in the name of so-called entertainment.

“This vote underlines the public and Parliamentary support for stopping money from British taxpayers going to support bullfighting in Spain and France.  We hope finance ministers act on this this clear majority and end the subsidising of the bullfighting industry.”