BHA statement on Simon Binner Dignitas story

This statement relates to the story, as appears in the Daily Mail and other places, about Simon Binner, who will soon travel to Dignitas to end his life.

British Humanist Association (BHA) Chief Executive Andrew Copson has said, ‘For the last few months we have been working with Simon Binner and other brave individuals like him suffering with incurable conditions. Like a majority of people in this country, they want a change in the law so that they and others like them could have the choice of an assisted death here in the UK.

‘We were very sorry to learn that his condition had deteriorated to the extent that he now must travel to Switzerland in order to end his own life much sooner than originally planned.

‘The tragedy at the heart of Simon’s story is that if the law allowed people with incurable and terminal conditions to seek a doctor-assisted death in this country, he and others like him would more time to spend with their loved ones before their conditions became intolerable for them. The current law heaps unnecessary suffering and trauma on to families like the Binners. Our thoughts of course continue to be with them at this difficult time.

‘We continue to support a change in the law for those who are terminally and incurably suffering to end their lives, provided they have made a rational, committed, and uncoerced decision to do so, just as Simon has made for himself.’


For further comment or information contact BHA Director of Public Affairs and Campaigns Pavan Dhaliwal at or on 0773 843 5059.

On the short clip appearing on MailOnline: Along with Bindmans, we made a short film with Simon in the hopes of raising awareness of the pressing need for a change in the law. Parts of this film have now leaked without permission. We will be releasing clips from the film at a later date in line with the wishes of Simon and his family.

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