BASC calls for a fair deal for shooting

BASC has called for comprehensive recognition and support for shooting in response to a government review of the future of sport in England.

In a detailed response to the Department for Culture Media and Sport’s (DCMS) consultation A New Strategy for Sport BASC seeks to put shooting on the same footing as other major sports.

The association puts the case for widening access to shooting, especially for young people, with schools taking a more balanced approach, introductory days and centres of excellence where talented shooters can be provided with the highest quality training.

The response also calls for legislative changes to enable British target pistol shooters to participate on a level field with other international teams.

Among the benefits of shooting BASC identifies the disciplined and responsible attitudes that it encourages, the opportunity to enjoy the countryside and the sport’s role in developing personal and physical well-being. It emphasises that shooting’s various disciplines are open to all regardless of background, gender, age or physical ability.

The response urges government to recognise the vital role of representative bodies like BASC to provide sporting opportunities and improve the nation’s well-being by making sport an integral part of our everyday lives.

BASC’s chief executive Richard Ali said: “BASC and its membership of over 140,000 are working hard to provide shooting opportunities across the country. We look forward to cooperating with government to expand shooting's contribution to sport across England.”

The chairman of BASC’s England committee, John Thornley, said; ”This consultation provides the opportunity for government to recognise that with around a million participants shooting is one of Britain’s most popular sports. By working with BASC, government can harness the passion of our sport and make a positive contribution to the economy, environment and health of the country.”