BASC welcomes Welsh code on fox snaring

BASC has welcomed the new Welsh Government’s code of best practice on the use of snares in fox control. BASC was closely involved in the drafting of the code.

The code sets out the legal requirements and gives practical advice on the effective and humane use of snares. For example, the code specifies the use and guidance of legal free running snares which are not designed to kill but to restrain. The code also emphasises the importance of placing the snare so that it cannot be caught up in brush or other obstacles.
Glynn Evans, head of game and deer management said: “BASC has worked with other organisations and the Welsh Government to produce a sensible and workable document for guiding gamekeepers, farmers and other land managers in using fox snares efficiently and humanely.” 

Jono Garton, Chairman of the BASC’s Welsh committee said: “Snaring is a critically important wildlife management tool on shoots across Wales. I welcome the new code and urge all practitioners to comply with its sensible guidance.”

Note to Editors: a copy of the code of best practice can be found here: