BASC blitzes local papers

BASC has sent a letter to all local newspapers in the UK highlighting the benefits of game shooting and game meat.

The letter informs readers that the pheasant shooting season is about to start and lists some of the advantages of game meat.

It makes reference to some of the economic and conservation benefits associated with shooting. 

Debbie Collins from BASC said: “BASC is active at the highest levels in Government and in the national press but we also know that the local press has an important and very substantial readership. The letter is intended to make the argument that shooting is good for the economy, good for conservation and that game meat is good to eat.”

Ian Grindy, chairman of BASC’s Gameshooting and Gamekeeping committee, said: “Game meat is great. Sending this letter extolling its virtues to local papers across the UK will hopefully bring it before a wider audience and encourage more people to try a delicious taste of game.”

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