NASUWT comments ahead of the publication of GCSE results

Commenting ahead of the publication of GCSE results tomorrow, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, said:

“Disappointingly, once again this year, tomorrow’s announcement of the GCSE results is presaged by negativity about the examinations themselves.

“The serial detractors seem unable to contain themselves despite the impact this has on the young people and teachers who have worked so hard towards these examinations.

“This year the issue they raise has been continuing relevance of the GCSE qualification, with suggestions that these examinations will ‘wither on the vine’ in the coming years.

“Whilst there are important debates to be had about public examinations and qualifications to ensure that the reflect changing needs and expectations, to hold these discussions in the run to the publication of the results has the potential to devalue their importance and the high level of achievement they represent in the eyes of young people, parents and the public.   

“Pupils and teachers have already had to prepare for these examinations burdened by the anxiety, uncertainty  and workload generated by the Government’s reforms to GCSEs, which were themselves introduced on the back of unjustified claims that  GCSEs had been dumbed-down and were of diminishing value in the outside world.

“GCSEs are not easy options, they have never been dumbed down and they have retained their value. Public examinations are pressurised and stressful for all involved and this needs to be recognised and respected.

“Tomorrow’s results provide the opportunity to celebrate hard work, commitment and achievement. Let the young people and teachers receive our congratulations and enjoy their success.”

Lena Davies
Press & Media Officer
0121 457 6250/07867 392746