NASUWT comments on Sixth Form Colleges Association Funding Impact Survey

Commenting on the findings of the Sixth Form Colleges Association (SFCA) ‘Funding Impact Survey 2015’, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, said:

“Once again we see the stark reality of the Government’s economic austerity policy and deregulation which is impacting adversely on the provision of vital public services.

“The evidence published today by the Sixth Form Colleges Association confirms that many colleges are facing a bleak future despite the excellent standards of education they provide.

“Investment in education and training for 16-19 year olds is vital to the country’s economic future. If the UK is to compete in the global race, we simply cannot afford to see the scale of cuts to sixth form college provision that is predicted.

“All young people, regardless of where they happen to study, should be entitled to have access to a broad curriculum offer. It is extremely disappointing that the range of courses on offer in sixth form colleges is being reduced and that opportunities available for young people are being narrowed as a result of the Government's policies for schools and colleges.

“The Government has to recognise that a common funding system for schools and colleges requires there to be a level playing field.

"Today’s report demonstrates the need for the Government to take steps urgently to address the additional cost pressures that exist in sixth form colleges.

“Sixth form colleges provide study opportunities for many thousands of young people, often where no other provision is available. The reduction of course provision in colleges will mean the loss of life-changing opportunities for students. It will also mean a loss of specialist teachers and lecturers to the service. This can only be damaging for our young people.

“Young people deserve better."

Sarah Cull
Press and Media Officer
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