BASC shows how shooting contributes to Welsh wellbeing goals

The recent passing of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, places an obligation on public bodies to set, publish and meet wellbeing objectives.

BASC has published details of how shooting contributes towards the seven wellbeing goals set by the Act. Infographics which summarise this contribution are available on the BASC website.

For example; under “a resilient Wales”  shooting influences the management of more than 939,000 acres of Welsh countryside. Under “a prosperous Wales” the country receives a £75 million annual benefit to its economy from shooting while under “a healthier Wales” 88% of shooters surveyed across the UK say that shooting gives them moderate to high intensity exercise.

BASC will be taking this information to the relevant public and government bodies, evidence has already been presented to AMs.  Further evidence on how shooting contributes to government’s wellbeing targets will be published by BASC later this year. 

Full details of how shooting contributes to well-being in Wales can be found here: