NARPO welcome release of Pension Ombudsman determination in dispute regarding commutation factors

NARPO welcome the release of the Pension Ombudsman determination in the case of retired firefighter Mr Milne in the dispute regarding commutation factors; and are pleased to note that the Ombudsman has ruled that commutation factors in both the firefighters and police pensions schemes should have been revised in December 2001 and December 2004, which will have a positive impact for those retiring between 1st December 2001 and 30th November 2004.

We are however concerned that the payment of the amounts rightly owed to those eligible will be delayed and as such we urge the Home Office and Government to give an early indication that the payments will be made without undue delay.

NARPO President Ian Potter said: ‘ NARPO have liaised closely with the Ombudsman throughout this matter to ensure that our members positions were protected and it must be noted that both NARPO and our members have been extremely patient throughout this matter, despite the length of time the matter has taken to reach a conclusion.

In view of that we now call upon the Home Office and Government to finalise the matter expeditiously and approve the payments owed to those eligible, so that there is no inordinate delay in those eligible receiving the payments that are rightly theirs.‘