Parents running London Marathon three-legged for their son

Parents of Seb, Lorna and James, will be running the London Marathon three-legged on the 26th April to raise money for their son. Seb is 2 years old, and unlike his twin brother he is unable to run around and play in the park or kick a football without difficulty.

Seb has cerebral palsy (CP) spastic diplegia which means he cannot stand or walk independently. The couple launched the Seb’s Legs campaign last year hoping to raise the £70,000 required to pay for a specialist surgery in the USA called SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy). They're hopeful the operation, which removes or reduces the spasticity in the legs, will change their little boy's life.

Although the couple will be facing a huge challenge, their motivation for the London Marathon could not be any stronger and they are determined to cross the finish line for their little boy.

"I always think about Seb when I run; the people who have helped him and the challenges he has to face. So when my legs start to hurt, I pull myself together and think, 'You know what, I haven't got cerebral palsy, get those legs working and keep moving.’”

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