NCC welcomes Carbon Monoxide Parliamentary Report

The final recommendation of the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group report ‘From Awareness to Action: Bringing Behavioural Insights to Poisoning Prevention Efforts’, reveals how organising ‘default’ safety requirements and recommendations through large, national bodies is an effective way of highlighting issues to people. 

The report singles out the NCC (National Caravan Council), as all new caravan holiday home and park homes are fitted with two CO alarms, and new tourer and motorhomes are fitted with one CO alarm.

All NCC members that manufacture leisure and residential caravans are part of the NCC Product Approval Scheme which imposes a strict inspection regime on manufacturers to provide consumer protection up to and frequently beyond the requirements of the British/European standards. Every unit that has been approved is licensed to carry an NCC Approved Badge. A certificate is also issued to the consumer detailing the specification of the model that was inspected and approved.

Inspections are usually conducted on-site at a manufacturer’s premises and depending upon specification, there may be 500 to 600 individual points checked on any one unit. This inspection process is complemented by unannounced surveillance checks at the factory to ensure that the products continue to comply with the relevant criteria. As such, the badge provides a reliable benchmark by which product liability can be measured.

Information for the caravan-buying public is also provided both electronically and in print. To see the NCC ‘Stay Safe’ publication for Holiday Home and Park Homes click here.

Notes to editors:

  1. The NCC is the trade association for the UK caravan industry, encompassing touring caravans, motorhomes, caravan holiday homes and park homes. The NCC represents some 800 member outlets in manufacturing, park operations, distribution, retailing, and in the provisions of specialist suppliers and services within the UK caravan industry, which is worth in excess of £6 billion per annum (sale of products, services and holiday spend).
  2. The report makes 21 recommendations focusing on three key areas – ‘Domestic Appliances and Environments’, ‘Detection and Technology’ and ‘Campsite and Boating Environments’.
  3. To access the full report click All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group click here. NCC featured on pages 80 & 85.