Lessons for the coalition in international report

Commenting on the publication of the Education Policy Outlook report by the OECD, which examines education policies across a number of countries, including the UK, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, said:

"The Government should take note of the clear message from this report that the most effective education systems are designed around students and learning, build teacher capacity and engage all learners.

“The Coalition Government’s policy reforms have undermined the ability of children and young people access a broad range of learning opportunities, with attempts to rush through reforms to GCSEs and A-levels at breakneck speed.

“Throughout the process the concerns of schools, teachers, pupils, parents and expert bodies have been ignored. Schools have been thrown into turmoil by the changes with inadequate support and information for teachers on syllabus content and little support for parents and pupils to help explain what these reforms will mean for them.

“The OECD is clear that the highest performing education systems invest in their teaching workforce, but under this Coalition we have seen teachers’ working conditions attacked, their professionalism systematically undermined and the removal of the requirement for schools to employ qualified teachers.

"The OECD emphasises that there is a direct and positive relationship between educational quality and educational equality. Countries that are serious in their commitment to improving the quality of their education systems are, unlike this Government, relentless in their focus on tackling not only the impact of inequality on educational outcomes, but also its root causes such as poverty and discrimination.”

Lena Davies
Press and Media Officer
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