NASUWT raises exploitation of supply teachers with shadow business secretary at TUC

The NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, took the opportunity presented by the address of the Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna to raise the exploitation of supply teachers by umbrella companies.

Michelle Codrington Rogers, NASUWT, asked the Shadow Business Secretary:

“In our schools, umbrella companies are monopolising the teacher supply market, dictating price, cutting wages, and operating offshore for tax avoidance purposes. This market is worth millions each year.

“These umbrella companies are making huge profits at the expense of schools and to the detriment of teachers, flouting the law on rights for agency workers, engaging in dubious offshore tax avoidance practices and putting teachers and other workers at risk of prosecution for underpayment of tax.

“Will Labour commit to ending exploitative practices by umbrella companies, ending the exploitation of agency workers, and stopping private providers making a profit out of our children’s education?”

Chuka Umunna gave a clear commitment that Labour would stamp out the exploitation of working people wherever they find it.  He also invited the NASUWT to raise the issues with Tristram Hunt, Shadow Education Secretary and with Ed Balls, Shadow Chancellor.