Chemical Industry says European Union regulation proposal aimed at adding understanding would confuse an already clear situation

The Chemical Industries Association (CIA) has questioned a new European Union proposal on a register for Nanomaterials. The Association has highlighted key solutions in its response, published today 7 August, to the European Union Register Consultation on Nanomaterials.

CIA does not recognise a need for a register for nanomaterials, as they are similar to other chemical/substance forms for which Europe is already heavily regulated. A new register does not guarantee better safety, nor increase consumer trust and confidence. Asking for notification to a register for nanomaterials would create a burden on that specific industry producing, importing or using such substances when competing with other non-nanomaterial substances. In addition, the cost of such a register would most probably be borne by consumers thereby entailing increased prices for value chains in the EU vs. non-EU markets.

Dr. Roger Pullin, Head of Health, Chemical Industries Association said “Nanomaterials (NMs) should be regarded as any other substance. In this context, as required by REACH for instance, data must be gathered by industry in order to perform risk assessments and ensure safe use of the products that are placed on the market.”

He continues “CIA believes that, as for any other chemical, consumer trust can be gained through good implementation of current European legislation provided that this is explained well to the public. We propose that the existing European Commission’s Joint Research Centre web platform on nanomaterials be expanded to include information in the public domain for notifications of nanomaterials to all current regulatory schemes – this would  help to increase transparency and bring reassurance to all stakeholders.”

Notes to Editors:

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Chemical Industries Association (CIA) is the organisation that represents chemical and pharmaceutical businesses throughout the UK