Cross-party report represents ‘yet another blow’ to controversial welfare reforms, says charity

The charity Rethink Mental Illness is calling on the Government to take action to improve fit-for-work tests, as a new Work and Pensions Committee report published today says the system must be completely redesigned.

Rethink Mental Illness CEO Mark Winstanley said: “This report represents yet another blow to the failing assessment process. It comes after repeated independent reviews have exposed huge flaws in the system and a court ruling last year found that the current assessment is unfair for people with mental health problems.

“How much more evidence do Ministers need before taking action? They have been dragging their heels on this issue for years while making vague and empty promises to improve. All this time, people with severe mental illnesses continue to be subjected to this broken test and many have wrongly had their benefits slashed.

“We’re pleased to see the Committee recommend that the DWP should gather medical evidence on behalf of those who are not able to do so themselves. This includes people with severe mental health problems, who may not have the mental capacity to navigate complex systems. It’s a scandal that under the current system, people who do not provide their own medical evidence from a doctor or psychiatrist, have their ability to work assessed without this evidence being taken into account.

“Making the system fair would protect ill and vulnerable people and also save taxpayers money by reducing costly and time-consuming appeals. It’s in everyone’s interest that the system gets it right first time.”



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