Teachers strike in Lancashire school

Members of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, are today taking strike action following the failure to resolve their deep concerns over poor management practices at Leyland St Mary’s Catholic High School in Lancashire.

The Union represents the majority of the teaching staff and has been seeking a satisfactory resolution to members concerns since last year.

Extensive efforts have been made to resolve the problems with the Headteacher, the Chair of Governors and the Local Authority, but they have continued to fail to exercise their duty of care towards the staff at the School. Throughout all of this the Diocese has remained silent.

The problems at the School have caused work related stress and are affecting the health and well-being of staff. Despite promises by the Employer to address the well-being of staff no action has been taken.

An investigation has been carried out into the issues raised by the NASUWT and the Union is considering the recommendations in the Report in detail. The Report highlights numerous unresolved issues, poor recruitment practices and specific recommendations for improving management practices. 

Unfortunately, while the NASUWT and its members were considering the Report the governors chose to pre-empt the process of consideration and appeal and therefore there has been no alternative but for NASUWT members to demonstrate their anger and frustration through strike action.

Chris Keates, General Secretary, said:

“There has been an abject failure by the Employer and those representing the Employer to act on the deep concerns of the majority of staff at the School.

“Prevarications and delays have caused anger and frustration.

“All that the teachers have asked is that their concerns be taken seriously and their health and well-being considered,  so that they are able to discharge effectively their responsibilities  for the pupils they teach.

“These are dedicated and committed teachers who simply want to be treated with dignity at work and able to get on with their job.

“The NASUWT continues to stand ready to engage constructively with the Employer and hopes that there will be a positive and urgent response so that further strike action can be avoided.”

John Girdley, National Executive Member, said

“The Employer has a duty of care to its employees and it has failed to act with any sense of urgency to address the deep concerns which are affecting the health of too many of the staff at the School.

“Our members regret any inconvenience caused to parents and pupils by the strike action  but the situation is not of their making.

“We have made strenuous efforts to have teachers concerns taken seriously and will continue to do so.”


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