Response to Partridge review of HSCIC medical data

Helen White, Head of Protection at the Association of British Insurers, said:

“The insurance industry fully supports the findings of the HSCIC Partridge review in safeguarding the use of medical data.  Insurers (that offer insurances that pay out when someone experiences a serious illness, injury or early death) do not want or use data that enables them to identify individuals. They are interested only in data that shows population trends in health, including trends in how common specific illnesses are, and trends in recovery from specific illnesses. For example this kind of data helps insurers to understand how people are responding to medical advances in the treatment of illnesses such as diabetes or HIV. Understanding developments in health and healthcare is then reflected in the range insurance products being offered to a wider number of people and that those products are more accurately priced.

“When insurers want information about a customer’s individual health and health history, then they may contact the customer directly.

“Insurers have to meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act in storing and protecting all data about individuals.”



Kelly Ostler-Coyle – Senior Media Relations Officer, Association of British Insurers (ABI)
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