Lib Dems call for restoration of educational entitlements they were instrumental in removing

Commenting on Nick Clegg's announcement that the Liberal Democrats will insist all schools employ qualified teachers and follow a core curriculum, Chris Keates General Secretary of the NASUWT the largest teachers' union in the UK said:

"Children and young people are entitled to be taught by a qualified teacher and to follow a broad and balanced national curriculum.

"Until this Coalition took office, that's what they had.

"Without the support of the Liberal Democrats the Conservatives could not have removed the requirement for schools to employ qualified teachers.  Without their support, schools could not have been given freedom to choose their own curriculum.

"Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats are delusional if they think this announcement can airbrush out the key role they have played in betraying our children and young people by colluding with the Conservatives in the introduction of education policies which have robbed our children and young people of these important entitlements.

"Teachers, parents and the public would be right to question why Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, is not insisting these provisions are restored now rather than making them a manifesto commitment."