RSPCA sees a huge rise in adoptions of our adore-a-bull staffies

Between January and March this year our 17 national centres rehomed 134 staffies and eight other bull breed dogs. That is just a fraction of the number of bull breeds adopted as each of our branches also rehome dozens of bull breed dogs every year.

This is compared to 89 staffies between January and March 2013, and 101 over the same time frame in 2012.

In our national centres there were 180 staffies in our care during that time and 207 bull breeds in total, with the second most common breed being the American bulldog.

Between January and March 2013 the RSPCA had 236 bullbreeds in its care in the 17 centres – 214 were staffies.

Unlike some animal charities, the RSPCA puts no limit on the number of bull breed dogs we welcome into our centres for adoption.

Southridge centre manager Anna White said: “I think staffies make wonderful pets because they are so adaptable, they fit into almost every environment.  It is easy for animal centres to just take on the most popular breeds of dogs, but we try to give everything a chance and take on the most battered, bruised and abused dogs – work with them and then give them another chance in life.

‘We adopt staffies out to adults, to families with children, to households who work and to households where there is someone at home most of the time.

‘On top of their flexibility there is their enormous sense of fun, their loyalty and their dedication.

‘When you have a staffie in your home you never have to look to hard to find it, just turn around and they are so often glued to your heels.

‘Their mouths laugh, their eyes laugh and their hearts are full of love for you as their owner.

‘It should not be a man for all seasons but a Staffie for all homes.’

Alex Saville adopted a Bull Mastiff called Churchill from our South Godstone centre in November.

Eighteen-month-old Churchill has since won a Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Award and his owner is thrilled with his progress.

Mr Saville said: ‘I always wanted a slightly larger dog and Churchill has proved to be the perfect pet.

‘We have cats, chickens and horses and Churchill gets on brilliantly with all of them – although he is definitely at the bottom of the pecking order.

‘Even though we have only had him for 6 months, we hardly ever have to put him on the lead whilst walking because he is so good – he always walks to heel and behaves brilliantly.

‘We have even had people stopping us in the street to say what a lovely dog he is and how well he is behaving.

‘I would definitely advise anyone considering a dog to get a Mastiff or similar bull-breed and I would absolutely recommend rescuing rather than buying from other sources.'



Notes to editors

?     First picture shows eight year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Sky. Sky is looking for her forever home while staying at Southridge Animal Centre. She was unwanted after her owners were unable to afford the cost of emergency veterinary treatment that she needed. Sky would like a fun loving home with a family that are willing to put the time and effort into making her feel part of the family. She loves a game of ball and to laze about in the sun on a warm summers day.

?     The second picture is of Alex Saville’s dog Churchill.

?     This survey was taken from the 17 national RSPCA centres, we have 164 branches around the country of which 42 also have animal centres and who are also tirelessly committed to all different breeds of dog.

?     The average number of days from when a dog is ready to be rehomed until actual adoption is now 40 days, a 1 day decrease on the 3 months to March 2013. Corresponding figure for cats is 30 days (up 1 day) and rabbits 79 days (up 8 days).






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