Expectant elephant speared in Amboseli

(Amboseli, Kenya – 21 March 2014) – In what may be one of the saddest incidences of poaching in recent times, an expectant elephant has been speared to death within the Amboseli ecosystem.

The incident happened on Thursday (20) around 3 p.m. within the Oltiani area. Reports indicate that a boy witnessed the elephant going down as it succumbed to its injury and notified community scouts who secured the site as they alerted Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) personnel.

Responding to the incident, IFAW’s Regional Director for East Africa, James Isiche, stated: “This is a double tragedy. The callous poachers did not care that the elephant was pregnant. Their actions were driven by greed to make quick money. IFAW joins other organisations in calling for President Uhuru Kenyatta to declare poaching of elephants and rhinos a national disaster. The government should spare no efforts in stopping the poaching menace that is threatening to decimate Kenya’s national heritage.”

Elephant and rhino deaths due to poaching for their tusks and horns respectively have dominated the news recently.  Conservationists have called on the Kenyan President to invoke emergency measures to crack down on poachers and place elephants and rhinos under state protection. Failure to do so may lead to the loss of this national heritage within a few years and during the current government’s tenure. The President should do all that it takes to ensure that Kenya’s elephant and rhino populations are not wiped out on his watch. The increase in poaching occurrences is despite the recently passed Wildlife and Conservation Management Bill which has raised the penalty for offences relating to endangered species to life imprisonment or fines of up to £140,000 (20 million shillings).

Although no arrests have been made in relation to the incident and investigations are underway, swift action by community scouts within the Amboseli Tsavo Games Scouts Association (ATGSA) ensured that the ivory was secured.

Community wildlife scouts play an important role in preventing poaching, avoidance of human wildlife conflict and mitigation of environmental degradation. IFAW supports the training of these scouts at the KWS Law Enforcement Academy in Manyani and also provides them with logistical and administrative equipment. IFAW plans to support the training of 30 community scouts in 3 years; 10 of whom graduated in May 2013 with the second batch of 10 expected to enrol in April 2014.



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