Freddie the Fox and friends to watch as pack of hounds ‘chase’ a stag around Parliament Square

(London, 20 March 2014) – IFAW’s costumed fox will look on as two eye-catching ad vans chase each other around Westminster today to warn the public that the Hunting Act is under threat and the Government is seeking to allow a return to hunting ‘by the back door’.

One ad van featuring British wildlife will be pursued around Parliament Square by one showing a pack of dogs from 11am this morning. IFAW’s costumed animals – Freddie the Fox, Harriet Hare, Stan Stag and IFAW staff will also be in Parliament Square to urge members of the public to lobby their MP to protect the hunting ban in light of an expected Government proposal to amend the Hunting Act.

The Government is considering an amendment to the Hunting Act 2004 to remove the restriction on the number of dogs in some exempt hunting. This will make enforcement of the Act almost impossible and could result in foxes and deer once again being cruelly and needlessly chased and killed for the hunt’s enjoyment.

Robbie Marsland, UK Director of IFAW, said: “As the Conservative part of our Government tests the water with a sneaky way of bringing hunting back through the back door, we urge everyone who is against encouraging a pack of hounds to chase and kill wild animals to let their MPs know that the idea of reintroducing hunting in the 21st Century is as repugnant as it is repelling.

“Any amendment that would weaken the Hunting Act must be prevented. There must be no return to cruelty.”

The most recent opinion poll (Ipsos MORI, November 2013) showed that 80 per cent of the British public think fox hunting should not be made legal again; 85 per cent think deer hunting should not be made legal again; and 87 per cent think hare hunting/coursing should not be made legal again.

Significantly, 80% of rural dwellers support the ban on fox hunting – the same proportion as the rest of the country. This is clearly not a town versus country issue.

Members of the public can contact their MP by taking action on IFAW’s website 



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