Facebook to buy WhatsApp: technology experts react to the deal

Dr Mike Short from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) said: "This announcement is illustrative of Facebook's 'mobile first' strategy.

"Innovation in this market is reliant on partnerships for success, based on clear revenues, cash flow and scale.  The Facebook and WhatsApp deal ticks all these boxes.

"The final deal will show in the final terms of the deal, but this announcement seems to be a strong blend of messaging, apps and social media."

Prof Will Stewart from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) said: “Obviously WhatsApp adds instant messaging to Facebook which must strengthen their position for the moment. 

“Equally, all app types rise and fade, so established social media formats like Facebook will be overtaken by something new, and picking up candidates that might have ultimately replaced them may be a good survival strategy for a while.

“This does show the growing significance of mobile, though of course Facebook is on mobile anyway.

“But, Facebook has been around a while now so the real question is what comes next?”