ESRC: Risk averse carers hasten dementia decline

Focusing only on keeping people with dementia physically safe can actually contribute to the person’s decline and result in the unnecessary loss of a person’s skills.

Carers, family and even some health practitioners may unwittingly be behaving in ways that can cause ‘silent harms’ for people with dementia in their efforts to help them live with the condition, argues Professor Charlotte Clarke of the University of Edinburgh.

The complexities of managing life with dementia will be highlighted in a fictionalised theatre performance and workshop during the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Festival of Social Science. Created by Skimstone Arts, the play ‘Jack and Jill and the Red Postbox’ is based on transcripts from 89 interviews with people with dementia and their family members. This research was conducted as part of a ‘Risk and Resilience in Living with Dementia’ project led by Professor Clarke.

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