CPAG: All main parties increasing their recognition of child care

In response to the Labour party's proposals on childcare, Alison Garnham, Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group, said:

"This proposal is great news for hard-pressed families struggling with the cost of childcare. Childcare costs are cripplingly high, and while tax credits give important help, most UK parents are still footing the lion's share of the bill. The more hours of childcare parents can get for free, the more it will help with the squeeze on living standards they are facing.

"The move up to 25 hours would be a major help for parents wanting to access part time work. For single parents and for couple families who want a second earned income, this is the most effective way of reducing child poverty rates.

"All the main parties have given increasing recognition in recent years to the importance of investing in childcare – both the quantity of hours that allows parents to access work, and the quality of care that helps child development."

"This is a crucial step towards the universal childcare provision we need and it holds the promise of the much improved outcomes for children and parents seen already in countries with the best provision, such as the Nordic countries."

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