TACT welcomes continuing increase in adoption numbers

TACT (The Adolescent and Children’s Trust) today welcomed the announcement from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), that the number of adoptions made in the UK in 2012 had risen by nearly ten per cent. This follows an increase in 2011 of six per cent.

The latest rise reflects an ongoing government commitment to increase adoption in the UK. Reforms such as the new six month two tier adoption process have already been introduced and is being used by Local Authorities and Voluntary Adoption Agencies (VAAs) such as TACT. Other reforms, such as the new ‘Fostering to Adopt’ scheme, are contained in the Children and Families Bill currently before parliament. The government has also recently announced a £16 million funding programme to start up, expand and support VAAs.

While welcoming the increase, TACT interim Chief Executive David Bradley said there was also a need for caution;

“This increase reflects the Government’s commitment to finding new loving families for some of our most vulnerable children. However, we need to be careful that the speeded up process does not lead to increased risk of adoption breakdown. If significant needs are missed or overlooked the consequences for the family could be catastrophic. TACT also maintains that the need for effective family support after adoption remains the most pressing need, and largely remains un-addressed in the Government’s reform programme.


ONS figures on adoptions in the UK are published annually. The latest figures published 16 august 2013 showed;

• In 2012, the number of adoptions in England and Wales was 5,206, an increase of 9.8% since 2011 when there were 4,740 adoptions.
• In 2012, most children adopted (63%) were aged between one and four years, rising from 62% in 2011.

The new two tier adoption process was introduced in July 2013. During the first stage, prospective adopters will learn about what is involved in adopting a child. The second stage involves more intensive assessment and preparation of prospective adopters. At the end of the second stage, prospective adopters should know if they have been approved to adopt and can then be quickly matched with a child who needs adopting.

TACT is the UK’s largest charity and voluntary agency providing fostering and adoption services. For more information, please contact: TACT’s Executive Director of External Affairs Gareth Crossman on 07793 580 418 or 07976 389 925 or at g.crossman@tactcare.org.uk. ENDS