PCS: Pickles in court over union subs

The decision by Eric Pickles and the Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG) to stop allowing the payroll department to deduct union subscriptions direct from salary – as has been custom and practice for years – is being challenged in the High Court next Tuesday 3rd September.

This move, which will save the tax payer £30 per month, could end up costing the taxpayer over £50,000 is the decision is deemed unlawful.

PCS believe that the right to have deductions from source is part of a contractual right in the staff handbook.

PCS believes that the move is not about saving any money for the taxpayer but more about a statement from the Government that they want to make it harder for Unions to organise.

PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka said “This is a fundamental attack by the Tory led Government and Eric Pickles in particular on Trade Unions right to organise. Deductions of Union subs via check off are a long established practice and the Government are trying to rip it up. PCS is determined to resist this move”.

A lively and vocal protest will be held outside the court next Tuesday between 9-30 and 10-30 to which PCS has invited other unions to support.



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