CPAG: Comment on today’s child poverty figures from the End Child Poverty campaign

Commenting on the official child poverty figures published by the Department for Work and Pensions today, Chair of the End Child Poverty coalition, Enver Solomon said:

"Today’s figures show that progress on tackling child poverty has ground to a halt, as families feel the squeeze of falling wages and incomes. We know that the public aren’t satisfied with Government action in this area: 82 per cent say that tackling child poverty should be a priority, and 64 per cent say that the Government aren’t doing enough to address it. 2.3 million children living in poverty is 2.3 million too many. It’s time for Government to set out what it will do to meet the public demand for urgent action."

Details of polling conducted by End Child Poverty and showing strong public support for concrete measures to tackle child poverty are here.


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