Labour’s Interim Report on Further Education

Commenting on the report Talent Matters – Why England Needs a New Approach to Skills, Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“It is the Union’s view that a coherent and integrated education system that places equal value on vocational and educational routes must be in place and the sooner the better.

“The existing E-Bacc measure only serves to keep these divisions intact. It has to go. In its place, we must provide a 14-19 system that gives young people the wider skills that are needed in today’s world of work and vocational courses with a real currency to universities and employers alike.

“The Technical Baccalaureate should be put on hold. It is misguided to push all young people down specific pathways at 14 years of age. We need to support the development of recognised and wider transferable skills that keep young people’s options open.

“The Labour Party must put on its thinking cap and not be afraid to listen to teachers and lecturers who have long campaigned for an examination system to be established which will be a stepping stone to a fully integrated 14-19 system of education for all young people.”


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