BHA hits out at ‘scaremongering’ over humanist marriages

Responding to Tory MP Tony Baldry's comments on humanist weddings* the British Humanist Association said:  

"In spite of some people's desperate scaremongering, the amendment does not open up legal recognition for any new weddings other than humanist ones and that fact has been confirmed to us by government. Humanist weddings are popular and meaningful and legal recognition for them would be fair, timely, and not at all controversial."

*Tony Baldry said: "Humanists are nice people but this amendment, if passed, would effectively open up marriage, not just to humanists, but open it up to pagans, Jedi knights, spiritualists, and I really don't think that people in England want to see Jedi knight marriages."

Pavan Dhaliwal
Head of Public Affairs, British Humanist Association
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