DHT calls for help to save thousands of rabbits this Easter

More than 15,000 rabbits used in experiments in the UK

National humane research charity the Dr Hadwen Trust (DHT) is calling for help this Easter to save thousands of rabbits from painful and distressing experiments.

Experiments involving rabbits range from chemicals being applied to their skin through to invasive surgical manipulation.

For the last 43 years, the DHT has funded cutting-edge medical research to help replace these experiments both to save rabbits from suffering and death and to benefit human health with more relevant science.

One recently DHT-funded research project is using a newly developed model to study Barrett's oesophagus and its progression to cancer in an environment that more closely resembles the human condition. It replaces the use of chemicals and manipulated surgery to mimic the cancer in rabbits.

Another current DHT-funded project is using an innovative technique to research cardiovascular system medical devices saving rabbits from invasive and painful experiments.

For further information and advice on how to donate visit www.drhadwentrust.org



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