BFAWU: Tax allowance increase welcome, but will be “wiped out” by cuts

Commenting on the chancellor's budget today, Ian Hodson, National President of the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers' Union, said: 

We welcome the tax allowance increase but the savings will be wiped out  by other policies.

People are looking for help. Child care assistance is useful but the real terms cuts made to family tax credits, and the attacks on our members pay means any financial support they receive in 2015 will have been wiped out in the years running up to its introduction.

The other scary part is, in relation to the government backed homes incentives, it sounds remarkably like the policy that started the crisis: asking people to buy property they can't realistically afford.

The other aspects of the budget – indeed the policies the government are pursuing – far from helping hard working people, makes work harder.

The removal of job security, the reduction of consultation, and employment tribunal costs mean workers face a more insecure future, and their access to justice will be reduced if not removed, unless they have the cash to personally fund it.

Ian Hodson
National President
Bakers food &allied workers union
Twitter @ianbfawu