NUT: TUC Survey: Work Your Proper Hours Day

Commenting on a TUC survey of unpaid overtime, marking the ninth annual Work Your Proper Hours Day this Friday, Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“It comes as no surprise that teachers work more hours in unpaid overtime than almost any other workers. Teachers’ commitment to their job is unquestionable, yet Government continues its onslaught of attacks on a profession which is manifestly overworked.

“A recent YouGov survey, commissioned by the NUT, showed that teacher morale is dangerously low. (1) This should come as no surprise. Issues of pay, pensions, punitive Ofsted inspection and a raft of accountability and assessment measures are making teachers’ jobs increasingly stressful. Instead of criticism, the Government should be praising and supporting a profession which, for little reward, is one of the hardest working in the country.

“NUT members alongside the NASUWT have been taking action short of strike action in order to ease the unnecessary bureaucratic burden which occupies so much of teachers’ time. In the coming weeks the NUT will be looking at how to take its campaign against the erosion of teachers’ pay, pensions and working conditions forward. If the Education Secretary does not stop his systematic undermining of our profession the NUT will take action to defend teachers in whichever way is necessary, including strike action.”

                                                                                    END               PR33-2013
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