NUT: A-level reforms will be contentious

Commenting on changes to A-Levels announced today by Ofqual, Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“2015 looks set to be the year when everything changes in schools and for young people with both GCSEs and A levels being replaced or altered. This is an unmanageable level of change which could lead to a collapse of the system.  

“Reform of ‘A’ level will be contentious. If Michael Gove is really interested in ensuring that they are robust and relevant, he should seek the opinion of the teaching profession who on so many occasions the Secretary of State wrongly ignores.

“It is telling that many of the previous reforms to the A-Level structure that the Secretary of State is seeking to reversing have helped to increase numbers of learners from under-represented and disadvantaged backgrounds who succeed at A-Level and beyond.  As with Michael Gove’s education reforms elsewhere, he appears obsessed with recreating the education system and the attendant social inequalities of what should be of a bygone age.

“We need an education system that recognises the talents of all young people and prepares them for further study, training and careers across the board, not just the traditional route that Michael Gove is perhaps more familiar and comfortable with.”

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