NUT: Teachers will be dismayed by plans for Performance Related Pay

Commenting on the Education Secretary’s confirmation that he intends to introduce performance related pay (PRP) for teachers, Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“Teachers will be dismayed that Michael Gove is pressing ahead with his plans to dismantle the national teacher pay structure.  It will certainly worsen teacher morale which, as shown in a recent YouGov survey commissioned by the NUT, is already low. (1)

“Some 25,000 schools deciding their own pay structures is a real distraction from the teaching and learning that should be the focus of schools’ work. Individual pay decisions will result in unfairness and less mobility in the teacher job market.

“PRP is fundamentally inappropriate for teaching, where educational outcomes are based on teamwork and the cumulative contribution of a number of teachers.  The national pay structure provides a coherent framework for career progression and is essential to attract graduates into the profession. To get rid of it will certainly have an impact on recruitment and retention.

“At a time of significant funding pressure on schools individual pay decisions will result in many teachers having their pay and career progression unjustifiably blocked. Contrary to DfE claims, there is no evidence that linking pay to performance increases results. The Education Endowment Foundation – part-funded by the DfE itself – argues that the difference is “closer to zero” and it would be a folly to waste money pursuing PRP in order to drive up standards. (2)”



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