BHA: Journalism, Churnalism and Media Bias

Journalism, Churnalism and Media Bias

How much journalism is churnalism – the uncritical regurgitation of press releases? To what extent can we trust what we read in the press about medical and other scientific discoveries and breakthroughs? How impartial is mainstream media coverage of key political and economic issues? And just how much of tabloid news is just, well, made up?

Date Saturday 15th December 2012

Time 11am-5.15pm (10.30am registration)

Venue Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square
London WC1R 4RL

Venue capacity: Theatre, 450


Ben Goldacre (Guardian columnist, doctor and author)
Michael Marshall (expert on press-release-based churnalism)
Rich Peppiatt (former tabloid journalist, now touring a show based on his experiences)
Greg Philo. (Head of the Glasgow University Media Group. Co-author of Bad News from Israel).

Chair Stephen Law

Introduction by Stephen Law

Ticket prices £10 (£5 students concessions). Free entry for Friends of CFI UK.

Partners Conway Hall, BHA, CFI UK