RSPCA: European Parliament adopts live exports standards report


The RSPCA today welcomed news that the European Parliament has adopted a
report to improve standards for live exports.

The non-binding Wojciechowski report on live transport restates MEPs
positions that they are concerned about the issue and gives extra pressure
on the new commissioner to improve the live transport legislation.

The report asks the commission to increase the number of inspectorate
checks, produce a report on the economics of the trade and introduce new
laws on navigation systems within the next year, as well as undertaking a
consumer campaign.

Meanwhile this morning four transporters loaded with sheep arrived at
Ramsgate to sail on the Joline. Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories
inspectors took just 16 minutes to inspect all four transporters, all of
which had closed sides and RSPCA inspectors were not allowed access to
inspect, despite raising concerns.

RSPCA chief executive Gavin Grant said: “We are delighted that the European
Parliament have adopted this report – even while they were debating the
plight of animals shipped across Europe, British sheep
crammed on lorries were being driven aboard the Joline for the Channel
crossing to Calais in a totally unnecessary trade.”

Tomorrow MPs in the House of Commons will be debating the live transport

The RSPCA is currently considering pursuing a Judicial Review in relation to
its concerns about the lawfulness of the lack of thorough inspections taking
place at Ramsgate Port, the provision made for handling emergency situations
without unloading facilities at the port or immediately nearby and sea
crossings in very  severe weather..